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Main Subsidiaries

Noble Vici Group
Family of Companies

Incorporated in the United States, our portfolio of companies represents a broad range of products and services, with key focus on e-commerce, IoT, blockchain, information technology and digital marketing.

The various subsidiaries under the umbrella of Noble Vici Group Inc. enjoy the benefits of strong leadership, access to a pool of talents and resources of strategic alliance partnerships. The creative and innovative arm of Noble Vici Group Inc. supports the Noble Vici family of companies, bringing cutting edge technology, through in-house developments and external acquisitions. 

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Noble Vici

Singapore based Noble Vici reinvents the online marketplace with V-MORE and continues to take on the e-commerce titans through business and technological innovations.

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AIM System

One-stop app solution leading users into a world of unlimited opportunities and endless hours of entertainment via AIM app.

AIM System promotes the growth of communities of users. Every advertising dollar is paid out to users based on each sale or performance made. With AIM, products and services move into markets promptly.

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V-MORE System

Reach Your right audience through V-MORE AdTech, Your all-in-one marketing solution platform across V-MORE O2O2O (Online To Offline To Online) Ecosystem - E-commerce Supply Chain Management Aggregator.

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