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Eldee Tang: Providing Leadership for Digital Ecosystem in the Mobile World

The perception of leadership differs from enterprise to enterprise. Some organizations still believe in the “Leaders are born and not made” theory. Regardless of whether leaders are made or born, performance is the key aspect of leadership. Looking at the dynamics in business today, what defines a leader most is how he embraces continuous learning to make better decisions. Noble Vici Group Inc. has one such leader as its Founder and CEO and his name is Eldee Tang.

Eldee came from humble beginnings and built his experiences through his infallible and undeterred principles. At the age of 30, he successfully built his company and grew its presence in Asia. He believes that a company’s strength is derived from the management’s trust in its people, while the people form the strength collectively. He attributes a company’s success to the excellent contribution of its employees and the concerted effort of all stakeholders.

Inculcating Values

Eldee started Noble Vici Group Inc. with a vision to build an ecosystem of IoT, Big Data, Blockchain and Ecommerce to form a digital revolution that provides users with the tools to live and interact in the modern mobile world. He strongly believes in his employees and imbues the values of the company that are courage, entrepreneurship, excellence and affirmation, which are important to react to the rapidly changing digital world.

Eldee drives corporate social responsibilities behavior in all his employees as he believes that every individual function in relation to the larger communities. Corporate social responsibilities give meaning to what they do. He also believes that as a CEO, it is important for him to listen attentively to his stakeholders, affiliates, business partners and users. “Relationship building is key importance in today’s diverse and dynamic digital world.” He adds.

Building Brand Equity 

V-More, one of the leading e-commerce platform in the shopping space, is the brainchild of Eldee. V-more has more than 5,000 merchants, more than 10,000 quality products, 89% returning customers and 300,000 active global users. V-More rewards merchants and customers through its affiliate incentivized marketing program.

According to Eldee, building brand equity is important and sending out the message to his stakeholders, affiliates and users is priority for him. He believes “It is important that they understand what we do and we work closely with different focus groups.” Eldee and his team, listen, understand each group’s behaviors, and strategize based on each focus group preferences. They study consumer trends closely and listen to their needs. Eldee understands that Noble Vici Group Inc. has the technology tools and automated marketing processes to reach out to its target audiences.

Milestones Attained 

When Eldee decided to embark on his entrepreneurial journey, he experienced a fair share of success and setbacks. According to him, success is a fulfilment and recognition of his works, challenges are push factors to drive him ahead and further. His achievements mark a milestone in his pursuit of excellence but the most important is growth presence in the region.

Some of his greatest achievements include; Knights of Malta, in 2017 when he was knighted by Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Academic Excellence Award, United States of America in 2016, Global Outstanding Young Chinese Award, China Hong Kong in 2016, and Most Promising Entrepreneur Award from Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award (APEA) in 2010 . Eldee is not a stranger to hard work and success, he believes that the outcome of setbacks comes with prudence, persistence and excellence.

Challenging Trends 

According to Eldee, it has been a discovery journey for him as he had to convince his affiliates, employees and stakeholders to believe in his business model. One of his biggest challenges was reacting swiftly to the ever changing consumer trends and putting the right talents together to respond to these trends to bring the business to the next level.

Future Aspirations 

According to Eldee, Noble Vici Group Inc. will focus on V-More making a bigger footprint in Asia. The business model of the company is technologically driven to disrupt the marketplace. He aims to be the leading e-commerce player, giving users enhanced shopping experience with easy and simple to use tools and more benefits from the affiliate incentivized reward program for his affiliates and merchants.

Divulging Wisdom 

Winning and losing are like yin and yang. One cannot exist without the other; they are both essential to have to give a complete experience in an entrepreneur’s life. Eldee shares his rule of 4 Ps as an advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. He inspires them to be passionate in what they do and do what they do best. He encourages them to persevere in the face of failures and roadblocks. He recommends to seek out synergistic partnerships so that both the partner and the company can bring the business beyond what a single individual can achieve. Most importantly, he advises to apply prudence in every aspect of the business.


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