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NVGI Develops Smart IoT-enabled Barista Coffee Machines in Southeast Asia

Noble Vici Group Inc. announces plans for the development and deployment of smart IoT-enabled barista coffee machines, namely V-MORE Xpress, bridging the mass adoption of users and merchants for V-MORE e-commerce platform.

Singapore, Singapore – November 29, 2019 —

Today, Noble Vici Group Inc. (OTCMKTS: NVGI) announces plans for the development and deployment of smart IoT-enabled barista coffee machines, namely V-MORE Xpress, bridging the mass adoption of users and merchants for V-MORE e-commerce platform. NVGI plans to accelerate growth in their IoT and e-commerce business in Southeast Asia through Series A funding.

One of the key breakthroughs offered by NVGI’s IoT ecosystem is the ability to bridge the gap between online and offline commerce with its unique real-time analytic data collection through its IoT platform. The IoT-enabled barista machines not only offer barista quality coffee to users, but also connect online users to the machines; accessing the benefits of an O2O (offline to online) platform via V-MORE Xpress.

Since the last 2 years, NVGI has been developing its own ecosystem from e-commerce to IoT infrastructure, while tapping on its internal resources and capital. The proceeds raised will be used to expedite installation of smart IoT-enabled barista machines in the next 18 months across Southeast Asia.

“We aim to be the fastest player to deploy this self-service machines in Asia,” said Sir Eldee Tang, CEO of NVGI.

V-MORE Xpress offers an effortless payment through major cashless e-Wallet providers to facilitate and simplify the public users’ experience in making transactions; enabling users to purchase a vast selection of high quality products and services through the digital payment within their e-Wallet. By adopting digital payments in sync with the IoT-enabled barista machines, it not only provides a hassle-free payment but also creates better customer experience.

In conjunction with the latest round of funding initiatives, NVGI has begun the rollout of its IoT-enabled barista machines and is pleased to announce the partnership of V-MORE Xpress with Barista Uno to offer barista-styled coffee from the IoT-enabled barista machines. V-MORE Xpress offers high quality beverage that is equivalent to traditional barista-styled gourmet coffee. Barista Uno offers roasted coffee sourced from Java, supplying quality whole beans to the barista and specialty coffee shops. V-MORE Xpress, through its IoT monitoring infrastructure, will be able to monitor the consumption of each machine to ensure operating uptime.

NVGI’s bold venture into the self-service IoT-enabled barista machines also provides valuable analytic information that aids in understanding the patterns of both online and offline consumer behaviours. Bridging offline and online redefines the retail experience, bringing even the unbanked consumers closer to digital space.

Further elaborating on future plans of NVGI, Sir Eldee Tang said; “NVGI is targeting uplisting to the mainboard in the US near the end of 2020. We intend to further strengthen the mix of the management team in preparation for the future prospect ahead.”

About Noble Vici Group Inc.

Noble Vici Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NVGI) is a company on the cutting edge of technology, through in-house developments and external acquisitions, the company is building an ecosystem of IoT, big data, blockchain and e-commerce to form a digital revolution that provides our users with the tools to live and interact in the modern mobile world.

About V-MORE Xpress V-MORE Xpress is an offline adoption model to acquire users using the next-generation vending machine equipped with smart IoT technology. Technology makes it efficient for the V-MORE Xpress business, resulting in cost savings that are passed onto consumers. The O2O system brings a complete self-service experience with a seamless and hassle-free payment system. V-MORE users are able to instantly receive reward points whenever they use V-MORE Xpress or V-MORE. The more you shop at V-MORE, the more rebates you receive and be rewarded with points for future redemption.

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